Monday, July 9, 2007

Team staff to sign new UCI agreement

The UCI today announced a new charter that will require all team staff (managers, doctors, soigneurs etc.) to sign as part of their fight against doping (Team staff to sign new UCI agreement). While this is a welcome advance it falls short of how far the UCI should go further and require race organizers to sign a similar document -- and possibly even sponsors. After all they all derive significant and measurable value from their participation in the sport.

Really this shouldn't be any different than Sarbannes Oxley and other regulatory requirements that are being place on corporations. It's a matter of ethics, transparency and accountability. Requiring this from the riders only is completely unfair and doesn't go to the heart of the problem with many professional sports. In fact the UCI should start working in conjunction with the governments of major cycling nations and corporations to put a regulatory framework in place.