Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Damn you Al Gore!

I've been living in Vancouver for only 2 months now but in that short period the city has experienced at least 2 major rain storms, heavy snows and hurricane force winds. Is it a coincidence that this is all happening shortly after Al Gore's movie is released to DVD? I smell a conspiracy. I don't know how he managed to get God on the payroll but it won't hurt him as America stumbles towards the 2008 elections. At least he has the credentials to make him believable. Unlike our own great leader.

Seems that PM Steve is now trying to reposition himself as environmentally friendly, after his laughable attempt to sell the country on his environmental plan. And it is his plan. Now he's hanging Ms. Ambrose out to dry and set his pet boys in motion to try to make the country believe that he's really taking the environment seriously. For anyone stupid enough to buy into this (including you Mr. Layton) I think you might be interested in some prime real estate in booming Alberta. Just give me a call.